Ozen Meat Restaurant was opened in 1997 by Ozgur Engin as a small company with 10 tables. And in the past years, the family hall, the lower floor and the terrace floor with the renovation as requested on the basis of renovations today are rendered into 5 separate halls of 400 people.

Our company continues to offer you all the meat varieties, especially the taste of Keşan Meat, for 30 years with its taste and taste. We are trying to keep the Turkish cuisine alive by combining the taste, cleanliness and pleasantness of the staff with the friendly service.

The best quality materials are used in the use of materials. The fat and nerves of the meat used in our meals are cleaned and the fresh vegetables and fruits of the season are brought and presented daily.

In our work, which is carried out with the good manners and advice we receive from our father, our customers, who are important in trade, gain in every respect.

Choose Turkish cuisine for your health.