Satir Et has discovered in 90s in Kesan.The main feature of Satir Et,that differs from the other meat styles,is its delicateness and taste.Satir is made from special type of sheep ,weighs about 40 kgs grown in the region of South Trakya.All those sheeps are feeded in the free range of natural environnment.

The meat that is used to make Satir Et has stored in the refrigirator about 2 days at the degree of 4 celcius.After that,that meat has processed by a special knife on a wooden stuck.There is only 5 gram of salt added to the 1 kg of satir meat.There is nothing included other than that salt in the satir et.180 gram of satir et has grilled with a two sided barbeque and served as it is.Satir Et has served with famous Ipsala rice to the people.They advised to get sheep yoghurd or olive oil salad with the Satir Et also.After the Satir Et meat,they served special type of cheese halva of Kesan as a desert.This would be giving fantastic experience to its tasters.

Satir Et has registered as a brand by Kesan Chamber of Commerce and approved by Turkish patent office.